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Maureen Liberati

Independent Consultant, CBP


Maureen is an independent consultant focused on business growth, profitability, and uncovering business improvement opportunities. A seasoned and award winning professional, she has a demonstrated track record and success in unbiased, holistic business analysis that provides awareness to potential organizational wins that could significantly reduce costs, mitigate financial risk, enhance revenue and improve client satisfaction. She is also skilled at developing partnering and collaborative opportunities that expand resources and result in strategic initiatives. 

Maureen spent most of her employment career with Prudential (28 years). She held numerous roles throughout the organization, with the latter years engaged in senior roles centered on business solutions, business improvement and strategic initiatives. Following she worked for Diageo NA (9 years; both consultancy and employment) engaged in global organizational development, IT portfolio and resource management, and developing IT strategies commensurate with the business.

Most recently, Maureen completed an 18 month consultancy engagement with CBP in Stamford CT.  CBP is a privately owned mid-sized Consulting Firm who provides solutions for group employee benefits, risk management, executive benefits and HR needs. Keen to uncover operational and financial opportunities that could support substantial future growth and strategic initiatives, she provided CBP an overall business solution to “remodel” the operational organization and work processes. These changes resulted in significant cost savings, more effective use of internal talent to enhance business opportunity, client retention and satisfaction, and increased revenue opportunities. This solution also included successful external partnering arrangements.