Employee Benefit News' Benefits Forum and Expo

Employee Benefit News' Benefits Forum and Expo

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2:20 PM - 3:10 PM


John Abramson, MD, Executive Director-Health Management, Lecturer in Health Care Policy-Harvard Medical School, WELLS FARGO INSURANCE SERVICES, USA

The critical challenges facing purchasers of healthcare will not be met by the latest "common wisdom" solution of value-based purchasing to stabilize the trend line. In most cases, healthcare in the US costs twice as much per person as in the other industrialized countries, and despite these increased expenditures, Americans are far less healthy. Learn how the American healthcare industry does a superb job of fulfilling its own fiduciary obligations, at the expense of your employees' health and productivity, as well as your company's bottom line. Hear how medical knowledge itself has been turned into a commodity, the purpose of which is to serve the healthcare industry's interests, not yours. Using heart disease prevention as the most important case in point, learn how the healthcare services you pay for are being misdirected towards expensive but suboptimal prevention. The only way to fix the market failure in American healthcare is for purchasers to demand equal and transparent access to the scientific knowledge currently held by the healthcare industry and to design health care benefit packages that motivate employees to pursue the most effective and efficient strategies to protect and restore their health.

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