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9:15 - 10:00


Breakfast Briefing: What is a Hybrid Exchange and More Importantly Why does it Matter?


Robert Steele
President, Quadrant 4 Health, a division of Quadrant 4 Systems Corporation


Session Description

Outline the features of QHIX platform which manages both group exchange, group benefits administration, individual exchange and individual benefits administration all on the same platform. For health plans, this allows them to reduce operational efficiency by dealing with two vendors for group and individual platforms. For employers, it allows the ability to manage all FTE’s on a sophisticated benefits administration application and all part time, seasonal, contractor, seasonal, retirees and COBRA eligibles all eligible for an exchange to be directed to the federal exchange. Key takeaways will be sales ideas you will be able to put into practice tomorrow, employee engagement ideas that will change your next open enrollment and new insights into technologies that are driving down costs for clients of all sizes.

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