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8:30 - 9:15 Jeffrey Tulloch


Keynote: Helping Employees Achieve Financial Wellness: A Roadmap to Success


Jeffrey Tulloch
VP, MetLife PlanSmart


Session Description

One of HR’s greatest challenges is managing the costs of employee stress to an organization’s performance. A strong financial education program can help reduce employee financial stress and boost loyalty and retention at the same time. Join Jeff Tulloch, Vice President of PlanSmart at MetLife, as he discusses the best ways to successfully add a financial education component to an employee wellness program, or strengthen an existing financial education program. Learn how to help your customers:

•           Gain buy-in for a financial education program from their executive team;

•           Create a curriculum tailored to the specific needs of their workforce;

•           Drive participation in their financial education program via effective internal communication;

•           Enable employee action beyond workshop learning.



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