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2:50 - 3:35 Amy ChristofisAnthony Hipp


From Millennials to Retirement: Helping Clients Manage the Generation Gap in Benefit Design


Amy Christofis
Strategic Account Executive, ConnectedHealth

Anthony Hipp
VP Employee and Student Benefits, Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc.


Session Description

Millennials hold the largest share in the country’s workforce today. But figuring out what Millennials want is only one piece of the puzzle in the employee benefits game. When it comes to benefits, personalization is key, and when you’re helping clients manage a workforce of different ages (and vastly different benefit needs), those generation gaps can quickly become your biggest obstacle. In this interactive session, you’ll learn about:

-The current benefits landscape, and the problems brokers and employers face in managing clients with diverse needs and preferences.

-Strategies brokers can incorporate to make benefits management easier for themselves and clients.

-A case study from EIIA that will focus on how brokers can work more effectively in administering benefits to employees from all generations. They will discuss their own client strategy, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and what’s next for their client organizations in 2016.


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