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11:00 - 11:45 Matt DavisJakki LynchRyan Toner


Keynote Panel – The Effect of Market Disruption on the Distribution of Employee Benefits


Matt Davis
CEO, Green Light Cost Management

Jakki Lynch
VP, Director Critical Response Team, PartnerRe

Ryan Toner
President, BenefitVault


Session Description

Innovation is driving change all around us.  As emerging technologies and new business models are brought to market, disruption is an inevitable reality for many industries, and healthcare is no exception.  By examining market disruption that has occurred in other industries, we can identify valuable insights to approaching opportunities and risks within the rapidly changing healthcare benefits supply chain.  Market disruption forces us to rethink the way products and services are delivered, usually resulting in huge improvements in operational efficiencies while unlocking more value for our organizations and the clients we serve.  Learn about strategies for responding to a changing market while identifying new opportunities with significant upside.


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