Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Health Care Reform and What it Means for You
Susan Nash, Partner, MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY
COBRA’s Twists and Turns
Ouida Peterson, VP of Education, CONEXIS
New Demands for 401(k) Administration
Wayne Bogosian, Founder, President & Managing Director, PFE ADVISORS, INC.
Compliance Advisory Panel
Moderator: David Albertson, Employee Benefit Group Editorial Director and Conference Co-Chair, SOURCEMEDIA
Panelist: Gary Broder, CPA, Senior Partner, SALIBELLO & BRODER LLP
Panelist: Ron Jerro, CLU, REJ ASSOCIATES, INC.
Panelist: David O'Shea, Regional Director, SIGNIFICA BENEFIT SERVICES
Panelist: William Sweetnam, Principal, GROOM LAW GROUP, CHARTERED
Practical Welfare Benefits Issues for 2010
Frank Palmieri, Partner, PALMIERI & EISENBERG