Industry Innovation Session

Reducing Waste in Health Insurance

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Monday September 27, 2010
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Room:  Addison West

Waste Isn’t Restricted to Public Healthcare--
Overlooked Cost Controls in Private Self-Insurance Can Lead to Significant Savings

A significant portion of healthcare reform is projected to be financed by reducing waste and unnecessary costs and services in the system.  But waste isn’t confined to the public sector.

Join Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu, founder and CEO of VitalSpring Technologies, as he identifies specific problem areas that have been found fertile ground for cost-savings controls in the purchase-to-pay cycle of self-insured plans, including:

  • Culling duplicate claims and ineligible patients out of the system
  • Identifying payments with inadequate claims documentation or authorization
  • Ensuring full credit for voids and recoveries—validating vendor withdrawals against detailed payment records
  • Tracking funds flow to verify no diversion in transit
  • Independently assessing vendor performance against contract guarantees—timely payments vs. playing the float.

Let Dr. Potarazu open your eyes if you have been relying on SAS 70s and claims administrator reports to provide comfort on the processes and procedures that are taking place at the carrier on your company’s behalf.  Learn how to begin bending the healthcare cost curve by reducing overcharges.

Note: Lunch will be served during the sessions and attendance will be guaranteed to the first 50 registrants.  You may register at the conference registration counters, or RSVP now. This session is open to all attendees.