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Offers From Walt Podgurski

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12 Offers in 12 Weeks

Workplace Benefit resources for Industry Professionals

The countdown to Workplace Benefits Mania has begun, and to keep you up-to-speed on the latest industry developments, we’ll be sending you a new benefit resource each week.

Below are links to valuable information for advisers, brokers and agents as we prepare for Mania 2013. We hope you receive value from this series of offers and look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas at the Aria Hotel this July 30th – August 1st.

Offer 1: United Benefit Advisors (UBA) PPACA Resource Center
Offer 2: Health & Human Services timeline - What's Changing and When
Offer 3: A Health Care Reform Roadmap - Key Steps And Strategies For 2013 And Beyond
Offer 4: The U.S. Chamber on Health Care Reform
Offer 5:

U.S. Treasury Department Fact Sheet on Proposed Affordable Care Act Regulations

Offer 6: Keenan Health Care Reform Website
Offer 7: SHRM's 2013 Employee Benefits Research Report
Offer 8: Keenan Health Care Reform Website
Offer 9: 5 Voluntary Benefit Trends for 2013
Offer 10: “Keenan & Associates Case Study”
Offer 11: Healthcare Reform Is Changing Strategic Alliances Say 3 of 4 Insurance Dealmakers
Offer 12: Download the White Paper: A Fresh Approach To The Ancillary Benefit Market

We want to disclose that no fees are paid to be featured in our "12 Offers in 12 Weeks" series. The goal is to share the important research and information that is available to employee benefit professionals.

I hope to see you this summer in Las Vegas.

Walt Podgurski
Publisher, Insurance Broadcasting / Workplace Benefits Association