Employee Benefit News' Benefits Forum and Expo

Employee Benefit News' Benefits Forum and Expo


As the convergence of core and voluntary benefits takes place in the tempest of legislative, technological, and economic change, the distribution of employee benefits is being continually redefined.

The Workplace Benefits Mania 2011 mission is to provide carriers, agents, brokers, consultants, and industry vendors an unparalleled forum - one that supports the exchange of ideas, experiences, new practices, emerging models and expert opinion. 

That’s why every Workplace Benefits Association conference features a balanced blend of:

  • Keynote speakers sharing frontline experiences and executive level perspectives
  • Panel discussions focusing on best practices and economic opportunities
  • Hands-on workshops delivering immediate, take-away value
  • An exhibit hall with the leading industry vendors and service providers.

Exhibit Hall

The exhibition hall offers attendees a highly efficient “one-stop” opportunity to reach out and touch virtually every type of product and service offered as an employee benefit, and more.

The Power of Person-to-Person

While the Internet has lessened the barriers of “distance”, it’s never been more important to physically connect with friends, colleagues, business associates, trade journalists and the growing base of marketing experts that have come to represent the Workplace Benefits Association Trade Show experience.

Workplace Benefits Mania (& Renaissance) is more than a conference. It is a powerful community where the on-site networking is a starting point for lasting relationships. Attendees return year after year to connect with existing vendors, colleagues and friends. It also provides attendees with a growing library of resources and long-term networking and learning opportunities.

We hope you will join the network of employee benefit professionals who never miss Workplace Benefits Renaissance or Workplace Benefits Mania.

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